Who we are? Engineering company Imposti MEP

Imep, i.e. “IMPOSTI MEP” is a leading engineering company in Georgia, which was created by a highly qualified team with common visions and has been offering its customers high-quality engineering services for many years.

IMPOSTI MEP – a reliable partner for a safe and comfortable life!

IMPOSTI MEP engineering solutions are focused on creating maximum comfort for customers. Imep always accomplishes the agreed terms and often exceeds the customer’s expectations.

The company was created by a team of engineers with international experience, whose members worked on large-scale projects in advanced European countries during the last decade. The team consists of both Georgian and foreign specialists. Imep promotes technological progress and in the mode of constant development, it introduces new standards in the direction of engineering products and services.

The goal of establishing IMPOSTI MEP was to form a unique system of various engineering services and provide a full service of engineering communications to customers.
IMPOSTI MEP provides the highest quality guarantee because it cooperates with an international company and uses products of world-renowned brands.

The work performed by Imep fully meets the construction norms and technical regulations valid in Georgia. The works are performed in full compliance with labor safety rules. Each staff member working at the site is equipped with safety equipment.

What is our goal? Our Goal

Imep’s goal is to set a new engineering standard in Georgia by providing the highest quality service and focusing on continuous development.

Our goal is to create a new standard of engineering services and to be a supplier of the highest quality products in the field of MEP. We believe that with a customer-oriented strategy and constant technological progress, we will develop the company and the entire industry. We actively work on the development of our team members, because we believe that the growth of the company is directly proportional to the individual growth of each of our employees.

What do we do? The activities of Imposti MEP fully include engineering services:

The activities of IMPOSTI MEP entirely include engineering services:

  • Project preparation;
  • Project checking/correction;
  • Delivery/installation of engineering systems, in accordance with the legal norms in force in Georgia;
  • Mediation with administrative bodies, provision of prepared project and installed engineering communications agreement, in accordance with the law;
  • We offer partner companies timely and high-quality services provided by qualified personnel.
    In cooperation with us, companies save time, costs and energy.