Public-opinion off Chambersburg, Pennsylvania • Webpage 5

Public-opinion off Chambersburg, Pennsylvania • Webpage 5

Personal Oplio Chambersburg. Pennsylvania Friday. pi 2G2-47SO, ANNouNCEMENTSiwAiL.Jennifer Dahlmann, Jade Dunhour, Raeann Ebersole, Whitney Fetterhoff, Trevor Frederick, Jessica Hafer, Brianne Kirkpatrick, Katie Long, Stacy McCanuel, Whitney Meyers, Megan Morrison, Bailey Ocker, Joos Rawley, Kristine Supply, Lauren Shaffer, Chrysty Sheffield, Ashley Spies, Christy Stoner, Romelle Whalen, Elizabeth Drink, Emily Wissinger. Today Chambersburg 6 so you’re able to 9 p.m., petitions and assistance to have Democratic candidates into Get 21 election, Democratic head office, 112 E. Queen St; talk with Don Richards, county Popular settee, information, 593-0222 .

6:31 p.m., Greencastie-Antrim Lioness Club’s 23rd rental evening affair and you can fulfilling, having performance by the high school Jazz-group Clothes, Antrim Home Eatery suggestions, 263-0651. 6:30 p.meters., BPOEIks Bar Resort, 168 Lincoln Means Eastern; Captain Brooks of one’s Salvation Military commonly talk on character of one’s Salvation Military for the Chambersburg Ashley Starliper, Jordan Statler, Julia Stein, Diana Stottlemyer, Nikkia Thrush, Kayla Wingert, Luke Young. Gold 8th Values Regina Angle, Cory Briggs, Anna Injury, Kerri Carbuel Clement, Tara Conway, Ashley Cooyer, Jason Durham, Amanda Eisenberger, Jessica Doors, Dustin Gerber, Joanna Vacuum cleaner, Kraig Kline, Samuel Laughlin, Joshua Lenharr, Stacy McCanuel, Brenton McNulty, Kenneth Mentzer, Michael jordan Monyhan, Ryan Mowen, Holly Nowell, Brandi Rockwell, Matthew Schnoor, Michael jordan Stephanie Stine, Jo Wiestling, Megan Wunderlich, Rock Young, Tiffany Zeis, Harold Zimmerman, Jr. Seventh Amount Kelly Akehurst, Justin Alleman, Jamie Avery, Matthew Bachtell, Joelle Bittner, Tiffany Boyd, Ruth Brooks, Brandon Burkett, Adam Butts, Daniel Campbell, Daniel Chesnut, Ryan Christman, Meagan Christophel, Amanda Clark, Kim-berly Cordell, Elizabeth Cowen, nie Petersheim, Derek Poper, Sarah Ridger, Amanda Ritchey, Tiffany Robinson, Tylor Rosenberry, Ivy Saunders, Nichole Shatzer, Brianne Shindle, Chad Smith, Kayla Statler, Erica Thomas, Aaron Tim-mons, Jared Tinninis, Jelyn Waltz, Chelsea Wolff, Katie Yeakle, Morgan Zeger. Sixth-grade Tyler Ames, Heath Ausherman, Charles Avey, Jessica Benchoff, Chelcie Botzan, Jeremy Burkett, Nikki Burkett, James Catron, Adam Christophel, Brandi College, Matthew Dangler, heta puerto rican kvinnor Shannon Gar-, property, Amanda Gunter, Nicholas Hanson, Brittany More difficult, Kylie Hulock, Isha Jalloh, Marcy Kauffman, Andrew Keller, Ashlee Kephart, Jesse Lenharr, Christopher Lewis, Sarah Mack, Ashley Maynard, Draw McCray, Chad Miller, Morgan Miller, Ryan Miller, Erin Minnick, Alexandra Monyhan, Mariah Morris, Christopher Perkins, Ronnelle Reeder, Brian Rhodes, Robert Hurry, Renee Scott, Brittany Smith, Ryan Stahl, Trevor Stuart, Adam Suders, Alisha Thomas, Gwendalynn Toy, Helen Weller, Nathaniel Welsh, Evon Wiestling .

PUBon publicopiniononline GREEF3CAS7LE-in the event the JTmiY Middle school HOUOR Move Notable Eighth Grade Scott Ackerman, Cayla Amsley, Travis Bowers

Blue 8th Amounts Hillary Applyby, Nicole Berger, Kayla Butz, Elana Coblentz, Ashley Coover, Rebecca Cordell, Nathanael Fridgen, Melanie Fries, Maxine 7th Grade Rachel Baker, Katherine Barn-hart, Sara Bean, Brian Benedict, Katie Buhrman, Amanda Christ-people, Tristen Clites, Natasha Cow-den, Alyssa Crider, Trisha Davis, Amie DiTomasso, Jeffrey Fisher, James Frost, Zachary Play, Jaren Gembe, Alyse Haldeman, Christa Vacuum cleaner, Emily Izer, Kanon Juanda, Kristen Keck, Colleen Labutta, Laura Louzon, Timothy McQuait, Ross Miller, Draw Mohler, Ryan Mowen, Chad, Nunemaker, Dhara Patel, Sarah Pryor, James Rhoe, Aaron Riley, Kadi Salmon, Sarah Signore, Laura Smith, Renee Stepler, Adam Stouffer, Megan Strait, Natalie Szaflarski, Casey Walburn, Lindsay Walters, Leah Weber, Janelle Wenger, Timothy Wertner, Stephanie Zeis.

Sixth-grade Tyler Ackerman, Stephanie Alleman, Bethany Berger, Michael Bos-colo, Nathan Campbell, Zachary a beneficial fii aaa. And you will hearing aid to have a free of charge Nine Modifications and also a beneficial pack Totally free! S .

Corey Johnson, Allan Lehman, Jacob Lougheed, Purity Marklund, Mandi Mentzer, Ryan Miller, Jonathan Moroz, Brit-taney Mosser, Derek Mowen, Eric Myers, Rebekah Myers, Robbie Oberholzer, Megan Phillips, Saman-tha Phillips, Jonathan Reid, Michael Reid, Michael Rockwell, Myles Shank, Cory Sheeley, Jonathan Sipes, Amber Southern area, Transtan Stoner, Brett Thrush, James Weller, Nicholas Zulauf

Fundamental 229 W. 8th St. cnamDersburg Waynesboro 267-3434 762-7855 Exwres George, Jared Haines, Erin Haney, Wesley Henry, Stephanie Horst, and you can RACEAIET Cardholders We Deuveh ToVoue Doorstep 6DsAWeek! rZ rm they we fir 2 cuatro Inckling Springs Crcaiiiciv step 1 Almost every other Types And Readily available Canned Peaches Momestyle Nice Cider Squirrel Corn 21 97 Lincoln Ways Wwt (2 Mle West of Chunbenhurg toward Rt. 30) Open Each and every day 9TO 5 In the event that vou haven’t experimented with JU aaod restaurants aunng a beneficial uvttan uuo ot Chambersburg fulfilling; suggestions, 369-3509. eight p.yards., Chambersburg Town Republi can be Club, Republican Head office, 293 southgate Mall; audio speaker, Ocean Terry Punt Grantham 9 an excellent.meters., chief lobby, Eisenhower Cam pus Center, You to College or university open home from the Messiah School for all majors; recommendations, Paul Morgan, 776-2511, Ext 2240 .

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