Database Certifications Guide for Database Administrators in 2022

But some hiring managers may look for applicants who have related certifications. The RHCSA and RHCE exams are both performance-based exams that require hands-on experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 systems. The RHCSA exam takes approximately 2 hours to complete while the RHCE exam can take up to 4 hours depending on the complexity of the tasks included in the test.

This course is intended to train students in using Microsoft’s cloud computing service Azure, ending in the Microsoft DP-300 exam. Database certification can demonstrate your skills as a proficient database administrator (DBA). Furthermore, a prestigious certificate could increase your job prospects or land you an internal promotion. MySQL is the second most popular database management system worldwide. Therefore, you’ll likely need to work with it at some point in your DBA career.

How to Use Databases With Python

While database platforms have come and gone through the decades, database technology is still critical for multiple applications and computing tasks. IT professionals often seek database certifications to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise as they navigate their career paths and pursue professional growth. This course is designed for clearing the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) exam. The complete course is created by industry experts for professionals to get top jobs in the best organizations.

sql dba certifications

The most in-demand sql database administrator certification is Microsoft Certified Database Administrator based on all active job postings. Having this sql database administrator certification will give you access to more sql database administrator jobs with higher salaries. Below you’ll find a list of the best sql database administrator certifications. Obtaining an sql database administrator certification will not only give you a leg up when you apply for jobs, but will also increase your potential salary.


It demonstrates that you have taken the time to learn and understand the fundamentals of database administration and can apply them in a professional setting. Certification also shows employers that you are serious about your career and have invested in yourself by taking the time to invest in your education. This can give employers confidence in your abilities and make them more willing to hire you for positions requiring database administration skills. CompTIA Database+ certification is an industry-recognized credential that validates the knowledge and skills of database professionals. It is designed to help IT professionals demonstrate their ability to design, implement, manage, and troubleshoot databases in a variety of environments.

With our SolarWinds® database solutions, you can more easily manage your database performance and increase the efficiency of your data pipeline. If you pass the assessment, you’ll receive an online certificate you can save and share with your new or potential employers. You’ll also get a Microsoft Certified badge you can add to social networks such as LinkedIn or your resume. Although the exam has an administrative fee, you can complete the training courses for free on the Microsoft website. As such, you can easily ensure you have mastery of the necessary skills. Finally, you might like to consider the reputation of the certificate issuer.

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Having a SQL Server DBA certification can help individuals advance their careers by allowing them to stand out from other job applicants who do not hold such certifications. Additionally, employers may view certified professionals as more qualified for certain positions due to the credibility that comes with having earned a certification. Possessing this credential may also open doors for higher salaries or promotions within current organizations. Furthermore, how to become a sql dba developer having a DBA certification indicates that individuals are knowledgeable about best practices related to database administration which can help optimize performance and ensure data integrity. Database professionals are in high demand right now, particularly those who are familiar with multiple databases. One or more certifications can help database administrators (DBAs) or students demonstrate their experience and stand out from other candidates.

sql dba certifications

You’ll need to pass at least one advanced administration course from the Oracle University platform. These modules can either be remote or in-class, but don’t offer self-taught alternatives. We’ve already explored the importance of a database certification and how to choose the ideal one for you.

My knowledge of Hadoop and the right tools were the main reasons for my transition. The certification is made up of two exams, which are each around 60 questions and 90 minutes apiece. Each exam will run $200 (or $400 in total) and are available via Pearson VUE.

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